Test it don’t be afraid to fail
33 Lucky number engrained with family history

Regional Vice President, Revenue Management

The roots of Michelle’s love of revenue management were planted at a young age. As a kid, she loved playing the Apple computer game “Lemonade Stand,” which was all about pricing the lemonade correctly so that it would be profitable. She mastered the game and her passion for analysis and business strategy only deepened as she grew up.

Today, Michelle strives to be the best leader possible focusing on guidance, collaboration, support, creativity, and honesty, which she also applies to her home life as well. A mother of two boys, Michelle tries to set an example that life is all about balancing hard work and play. Her favorite weekend activity with her husband is taking their kids to the park or on some kind of adventure. In addition to creating memories with her family, Michelle is passionate about baking especially during the holidays. Every year she gets together with the females in her family for a cookie baking day, which they then hand out as gifts for friends and family.

Michelle’s favorite Guiding Principle is “Test it don’t be afraid to fail.” She admits it’s the ultimate principle of revenue management. “It allows the team to feel confident in testing new ideas and think outside the box.”


  • Evolution Hospitality, 2011 - Present
  • Tarsadia Hotels, 2008 - 2010
  • Hilton Hotels, 2000 - 2007