Be honest with yourself; only then can you be honest with others
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Corporate Director/Talent

As a self-proclaimed chameleon, Bulmaro spent much of his early career “purposefully toggling” between different industries and roles to develop a well-rounded grasp of the Human Resources discipline. In his role as Corporate Director of Talent for Evolution Hospitality, B brings to the table experience from his time in retail, wine, and manufacturing. His deep experience and passion for helping people realize their full potential drives him to stay fresh so he can play key role in an HR function that is relevant, meaningful, and fun to engage with.

Having been born and “cultivated” in California’s wine country, Bulmaro developed a deep appreciation for all that nature has to offer. When he’s not nursery-hopping looking for a unique addition for his home garden of 10 years, you’ll find him enjoying the many landscapes that Sonoma County has to offer with his family. Identifying proudly as Latino-American, B also enjoys exploring the many culturally rich corners Mexico has to offer. “There’s always something new for me to discover out there. I find that every adventure in Mexico helps me learn something new about myself and allows me to connect to a heritage that is deeply important to me.”

Continuous innovation and growth are personal passions and as such, Bulmaro is connected to the notion of being honest with yourself, only then can you be honest with others. In B's own words, “When I learned to lean into all of the feedback opportunities the world has to offer me, especially when that input is difficult to swallow, I found that my opportunity to grow and evolve was boundless. It’s my personal mission to help others come into that observation in their own way. I feel fortunate to be able to do that through my work at Evolution and in a place that is so supportive about personal growth.”


  • Evolution Hospitality, 2011 - Present
    - Corporate Director of Talent
    - Director, Human Resources, 2011 - 2012
  • Treasure Wine Estates, 2007 - 2011
    - Director, Human Resources
    - Manager, Human Resources, 2009 - 2010
    - Representative, Human Resources, 2007 - 2009
  • Target, 2004 - 2007
    - Group Training Leader
    - Executive Team Leader, 2004 - 2006